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ShoreLife Church is a member of the Pacific Church Network.  Formerly, Conservative Baptist Association of Southern California, PCN is a partnership of churches working together to encourage and establish each other as we strive to influence the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  To find out more about this organization, click below.




During these unprecedented times, we will do our best to over-communicate how ShoreLife Church will be responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.  It seems new information comes out daily, along with new suggested or mandated restrictions. 


As we continue to sort through this new way of living,  we will be broadcasting and posting our morning services every Sunday on our YouTube channel starting at 9:30 AM.  We will reevaluate after March 29 to see what our April steps will be.


In making the decision to moving to online services only the Elder Board focused on three main thoughts:

  • We want to err on the side of caution.  There is a lot of sentiment that the whole world is overreacting and all this will pass with minimal impact.  That very well may be, and I pray that is true, but at this time we do not know.  We want to show our community that we care about them and our healthcare workers.  The fear is that large gatherings will bring about large scale infections in a small area and inundate our medical facilities.  This would put our medical personnel in danger and take resources away from others.  We want to show our community that we take this fear and risk seriously and so we will limit our gatherings.

  • We want to respect our government.  The Bible never takes sides politically but calls us to respect and obey its authority (Romans 13).  We are watching the CDC websites and the recommendations of our city, county, and our state.  We will do our best to obey their commands and wishes as long as they do not call us to disobey our Lord. 

  • And finally, we do not want to put any of our own congregation in harms way.  Our church body requires all the parts that Christ has placed in it.  To tell some parts that it is ok to meet and other parts that they have to stay home is very difficult to do.  The truth is, we all need each other and so we must all care for each other.  If isolation will stem the progress of this virus and keep our dear ones safe then we will isolate ourselves for their safety. 


If you have any questions or need to process this please call me at the church office (we are a small staff and very isolated).  More importantly, if you have a need, please call.  Let’s partner with each other and share resources, child care, grocery shopping, prayer and support.  The Garland family didn’t hoard anything, but we do currently have a few extra rolls of toilet paper to share.  I will definitely run to the store and pick up whatever you need so you can stay safe at home.  


Call, text, email…reach other and love each other often.  We were not created for isolation and so be continual and diligent to connect with others often.  Don’t just do it once, or for a week or two.  Let’s commit for the long haul and carry each other through this together.


I love you all!  You will see me on the weekly live stream, but I will not get to see you.  I miss your presence already. 


God bless,

Pastor Andrew


Andrew has been a part of ShoreLife Church since September of 2007.  He and his wife, Gina (married in 1996), are blessed with their son, Jordan (born 2006), and their daughter, Sofie (born 2007).


Andrew came to ShoreLife with 17 years of ministry in the local church, a Drama degree from Biola University, and a Master’s degree from Talbot School of Theoloy.  God first started Andrew on this journey with ShoreLife as the Associate Pastor.  In 2012, The Pacific Church Network ordained Andrew, recognizing God’s call on his life for full time ministry and in March of 2014, the membership of SLC voted and welcomed Andrew as their new Lead Pastor.


It is Andrew’s joy and passion to communicate God’s Word and its application into our lives.  He believes that it is the greatest story ever to be told.


5772 McFadden Avenue

Huntington Beach, CA  92649

714.799.LIFE (5433)

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