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One of the strongest ministries here at ShoreLife Church is Small Groups.  Many of our members and friends thrive in and through this ministry because they experience the blessings of growth, encouragement, fellowship and discipleship that can sometimes only occurs in a small group setting.  Though it is essential as believers to come together and worship our Father as the body (Hebrews 10:25), we believe that small groups can help us to hone our relationship with Him as we fellowship and build each other up as a community.


If you're looking for a group of fellow believers to come along side you and do LIFE together, try out a LIFE Group at ShoreLife.   You'll be amazed by how you are encouraged, challenged and loved and you'll be equally amazed at how others have been waiting to be encouraged, challenged and loved by you. You will grow BIG when you start in a SMALL Group! 


If you would like more information about any of these LIFE Groups or are considering to start one of your own, please contact Pastor Andrew, and he'll be glad to help find the perfect group for you!

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