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Amidst Covid-19 and our continued position of having no services at SLC, we want to honor our Lord during this time of Easter by offering you the opportunity to remember Good Friday with us.  As is part of our traditions at SLC, we open our doors on Good Friday to allow the saints to come in and walk through the scenes and scriptures that tell us of the moments that led our Savior, Jesus Christ to the Cross.  Though our doors may be closed this year, we pray you will open your hearts, your ears and eyes and walk (even if only virtually) with us through the Stations here online.  Below you will find visuals and scriptures relating to each station.  Our hope and prayer is that you will take the time at home and with your family to go through each station and reflect on God's Word along with us as.  As planned, at 6:30PM, Pastor Justin and the worship team will lead us through a time of worship, reflection and prayer at our livestream Sunset Service.  We hope you will join us for that as well.

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