Not a lot has changed in the last month. As Psalm 145:2-3 says, Every day I will bless You! And I will praise Your name forever and ever. Great is the LORD, and highly to be praised, and His greatness is unsearchable.  Those things about Him never change! And our giving praise unto Him and blessing Him on our part should never change as well. 


Praises ~ 

1) Mom is still doing well and the helper we now have 3 days a week for a few hours is wonderful in allowing me to have more time to work with our teams around the world and spend time with the Lord! HUGE PRAISE! 


2) We are safe from Zeta that blew through the other night. Only had some power outage, and wind damage to trees and fall decorations (and all the leaves are gone from the trees now too!)


3) Only 2 days until Election Day 2020 and there have been no issues in our area. Most signs in yards are all for one candidate and all of the local races are rather peaceful as well. 


Prayers ~

1) Novo had our first staff member die from Covid - Luis Sanchez in Venezuela. He leaves behind a wife and children. He was a native Venezuelan so there is a lot of support for his family close by. We’ve also had several deaths of neighbors of our teammates in East Harlem, Guatemala and even here locally.  Most of these have been very fast.


2) As I’m sure you are all praying already - for our Country during this last week and the days after the election as well. Most of our teams live in densely packed urban areas in the US where if there are protests and violence they happen very close to us. This gives our team mates an opportunity to witness to those on the street causing harm to others and property. It can also put our team mates in harms way. Pray for the Peace of the LORD - that goes beyond understanding to cover our Nation and for evil to be held back from bringing even more destruction.


3) And it’s never too early to start praying for all the Christmas activities that will be happening in the next 2 months - and Thanksgiving as well in the US and those places around the world that might not be as eager to hear about God - we can use this holiday to share with others our reasons for being Thankful!!!  With Covid once again on the rise both in the USA and abroad, how these gatherings are carried out will be critical. Please pray for the Spirit of the LORD to (always!) go before us and lead us in where and how to go. May He prepare hearts for those we will witness too, for their hope now and a future!


Praying for you all over this holiday season. Safety, Joy and opportunities to bless others both far and near - To be able to give LOVE and receive LOVE from above and to others who are far from God, especially!

With all the LOVE a heart can contain - to overflowing~



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"InnerCHANGE is a world-wide missions organization of CRM (Christian Resource Ministires) that journeys with the poor, working long-term with people who face enduring poverty. For InnerCHANGE, mission is about living and working alongside people – so we minister from the inside out. As we listen and interact with individuals, and reflect on the Bible together, we build relationships for the long term."  You can learn more about CRM and InnerCHANGE by visiting their website here.

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