It’s so hard to believe that it’s been over a year since I have been out and able to see you in person! This coming week will be one year since I have flown anywhere! Amazing! I have missed you all and do long to see you! This coming Friday my mother and I (as her care-giver) will be receiving our 2rd Covid vaccine shot! May we not have any reactions or side effects. We didn’t even have sore arms from the first one, so believing we won’t again!


Praises and Prayer Needs Go Hand in Hand~


1)  I am finally starting to do a little better from my back surgery. There are still lots of limitations, but a least I’ve figured out how to move to have the pain possible. I’m still sleeping in a recliner - about once every two weeks I’ve tried to sleep in the bed and do ok, but the next day when I get out of the bed, it is hugely painful. So the recliner is still my very good friend!  I do go to the surgeon for the first time since my surgery on March 2 and I do hope that the surgeon will be able to give me more information on what needs to happen to get rid of the pain I’m still having. I did do PT for about 5 weeks, but it didn’t help with any of the pain or movement. Please pray for understanding and knowing the best next steps.


2) The last trip I took just as Covid was starting, was to Colorado for our Leaders’ Community. This is a meeting we have once every two years with all our leaders world-wide and the other years we have leaders community meetings regionally. Last year was the US regional meeting and this year will be a gathering of all of our leaders from our 20 teams. It will be much different. But it is the best we can do with the travel restrictions still in place. The sad part of this is that we will only be meeting 2 hours a day. With our teams spanning the globe - we have our California teams starting at 7am and our Asian teams starting at 9pm. Living in GA is a blessings for this as I get to start (with the meetings!) at 10am.  Each day we will have discussions about what is currently happening on our teams - successes and concerns both from the past year and looking to the coming year. This past year we had a similar virtual conference for all our staff. These are great ways to stay connected, hear how we can learn from one another, as well as praying for each other. Many of our staff connect with others who will carry the conversations from the day with the group, to more private or smaller groups for care.  I believe these types of meetings are one of the reasons that we haven’t lost staff and most of our teams are continuing to be able to thrive in their neighborhoods. Please pray for grace in all things - technology, staff to have protection over their families and homes and communities so they can contribute and receive deeply from these 2 hours a day. The dates are March 4-8th. 


3) The two above are my main praise/prayer needs.  I do have one other… a couple in our local area Marie and David, lost their home and all of their belongings to a fire a few weeks ago. They were not home and so were not injured. They are currently staying in a camper that someone has loaned them but this is only temporary. Our church will be taking up a love offering next week to see how we can assist them. This is a new thing! Our church in the past has only done something like this for those who are members of our church. Also today at church we had an update on a local middle-schooler who we’ve been praying for and she is now out of the hospital, yet they still aren’t sure exactly what is wrong with her. Our preacher suggested that we send or better yet take some balloons to her and ask if there are other ways that we might be able to bless their family. Again, this family doesn’t attend our church so it’s truly a form of outreach. In the past “outreach” was really for helping those in our church rather than outside - we’re called to do both. I’m HUGELY encouraged by this as well as the monthly prayer meeting we started from last month for our church as well as our community!


Praise God!!! And yeah for trying to meet in the building for Sunday mornings again! But I’m sure the park was wonderful as well!



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