Oh give thanks to the Lord is right! and He is GOOD! and His lovingkindness is everlasting and I as one redeemed will say so all the days of my life~



Updated: 2/27/19

Hey Family,



1) We have just finished our top leadership meetings for InnerCHANGE this evening. I am typing to you from Bangkok Thailand. Our meetings were PACKED day and night. We covered lots of ground - which is a huge praise! Tomorrow we fly out to Cambodia for our team leaders annual gathering.


2)  I am very much looking forward to being back in Cambodia for a week. I will be able to see many of those I have worked with in the past and will be making a visit to Sunrise and spending time with my friend Neth, whom I trained to do admin at House of Hope and who has gone on to get her accounting degree. I will also get to see Tammy Diane, her daughter who is 16 years old. Seems like just yesterday!


3) My brother did get moved into his new place - an independent living home.  I moved him and set up his room. Putting together furniture and the drawers actually will open and close and fit together. Another praise is while I am traveling, my mother is staying with her cousin and they are having a good/safe time!


Prayer Needs:


1) While we were here we also met with a couple who have started a ministry called “Second Chance” this is located in the largest slum area in Thailand. This area is almost like a leper colony of old - meaning if you live here, those outside consider you the lowest and of least value of all Thai people. The organization they were with is closing and they would like to continue this work. They are training these Thai women to run the business themselves, as well as doing bible studies and discipleship training.  Please pray as we continue to have discussions if this be God’s desire, we would all know it and move forward.


2) Please pray for our team leaders gathering. We will be meeting together 2/28 - 3/7. Please pray for safety in travel, for families back home, for clarity of training and challenge/encouragement, also for renewal of vision.


3) Pray also for our teams in Venezuela, South Asia, Honduras, and Central America - where there are threats of election violence and civil war.  May the Lord have mercy on His people and give them peace beyond understanding and wisdom in the choices they make daily in travel, where to visit in towns, etc. 


As always, you are a blessing and delight - knowing that I am being prayed for is a comfort and hope in all circumstances. Thank you for joining in the work God has called us too - for His glory and the expansion of His Kingdom! 




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"InnerCHANGE is a world-wide missions organization of CRM (Christian Resource Ministires) that journeys with the poor, working long-term with people who face enduring poverty. For InnerCHANGE, mission is about living and working alongside people – so we minister from the inside out. As we listen and interact with individuals, and reflect on the Bible together, we build relationships for the long term."  You can learn more about CRM and InnerCHANGE by visiting their website here.

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