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I wrote this out and tried to send it on January 31st - but somehow it got hung in my outbox and I've just realized it. So what you can read below is the lead up to the next few paragraphs...


This morning at 4:51am Jones took his last breath. It was very peaceful. I was supposed to check out of the hotel this morning but added another night. Then about 5pm felt like I should go and get my stuff and come stay the night here. How thankful I am for that decision. Toward the end he wanted to turn on his side, like he normally sleeps but couldn’t with broken hip and leg. I got him turned and he fell asleep and his breathing changed a few hours later. When it became obvious the end was near I told him to tell our grandparents hey (his favorite folks ever!) and that I loved him and God loved him way more than me and it was OK to go. And he did. The funeral home is on there way (2 hours away). Then we drive to the University of Tennessee as his desire was to have his body donated to the Body Farm. I hope to be back home by late tonight. 


My mom is doing ok. She’s with a friend who is driving her to the vet with Sophia. It will be good to see her tonight. 


Thank you all for your prayers and words of encouragement! I am so thankful he is in the arms of Jesus, no longer suffering and experiencing love we can’t even imagine. 
Rejoicing in knowing this isn’t the end!

Update #1~ If not for you all, our work would surely not be as successful as it always continues to be. You are truly a GIFT, a JOY and a DELIGHT to me and I’m sure EVEN MORE unto the LORD. You'll see this answered out in the below emails!


Praise and Prayers: (This month, they seem to go together!)

1) My brother, Jones, did get the results back from his biopsies taken in early January. Six biopsies were taken from new sites since his chemo and radiation and all 6 were positive for cancer. He is not strong enough to withstand a 12-15 hour surgery, so sadly at this point he has about 3-6 months to live. The praise part is that we at least have a clear answer and we have started hospice visiting him at the nursing home as of last week. The RN sees him 3 times a week, a CNA sees him 3 times a week - this is in addition to the care the nursing home gives - which is limited and mainly his feedings 5 times a day through his g-tube. A chaplain sees him time a month as does a social worker and all are connecting back with me to give updates. This is truly a praise. Tomorrow I am going to Atlanta to see him and hopefully both the CNA and the RN. And as encouragement, the doctor said that most likely Jones will just go to sleep when one of his tumors moves slowly into his carotid artery. He’ll slowly lose blood and go to sleep and just not wake up. Sounds pretty peaceful actually, given all that he has struggled with over the past year. Please pray for peace, comfort, good communications between us all on providing him with the best care.


2) I did my first team site visit this year - January 4-8, to Little Haiti Miami, Florida. This was a time for celebration of that team moving from my direct leadership to our USA Regional Director. I’ve led that team for the last 2 years and they have had a lot of struggles and successes. The praise is that they are still standing! Their main work is in a trailer park - think 3000 people. They have helped repair homes, started bible studies, helped with dialogue between the many different cultures living side-by-side from all over the world. The bible studies are in English, Creole (Haitian) and Spanish. In the short time that they have been working in this area, the ownership has changed once and the office manager has changed now 4 times. This is also the couple with 4 children - 2 adopted from Haiti and one from Ethiopia. One of the children has special needs and finding the right schooling options has not been successful to this point. Their last school even reported them to Family Services for investigation, making up stories about them, so the family wouldn’t be able to spend as much time trying to get their daughter better education. This couple is now trying to decide if they should stay in this area or move - either back home and do work there, knowing there are good schools for all their children or to another InnerCHANGE team and hoping for a better school situation and team members, as they are the only family on their team currently. The praise is for how they have endured - and the success God has given them, in spite of churches and individuals promising to do things and help in different ways, but no one following through. It’s always a great reminder that we don’t serve institutions or people, but the LORD GOD for His honor, glory and pleasure! Please pray that they can hear clearly from God His choice for their future and have the courage to walk in it. 


3) Pray for new missionaries, willing to serve in the US. Our teams in East Harlem, Little Haiti, Oakland and San Francisco all only have one missionary couple serving on those teams. InnerCHANGE has always served believing there is a need for team mates to endure this way of living for any length of time in a healthy way. These teams were all bigger when initially started with the exception of East Harlem and have now lost team mates over time. This is a large part of the issues in Little Haiti from #2 - they don’t have like-minded people willing to serve alongside them in the trenches. The praise is that these teams are all still in place for now. Being supported while living in the US is more difficult as well and each of these families have 3-4 children. We need some new on-fire, adventurous lovers of Jesus, willing to live among the poor and be their neighbors - such as living in the trailer park in Little Haiti. Those willing to spend their lives on what remains (Faith, Hope and the greatest Love). We usually have summer programs for 6-10 weeks for those wondering if this could be a calling from God upon their lives. If you know of anyone who might desire to learn/know more about InnerCHANGE, please let me know! The workers are STILL FEW! and the Poor will always be among us as well.


Blessings overflowing as we serve the King!


2~ Text

Last night (Wednesday) around 9pm my brother fell. They called a mobile x-ray unit that finally arrived about 10am this morning. He has broken his left hip and left femur. Both would require surgery that he would most likely not make it through. Or do nothing and he never gets out of bed again.  


I need to make a decision today what we do. Please pray for his comfort and wisdom according to God's will.  I'm not there in person as mom's getting a very needed short in her back this afternoon. (it turned out to be an appt to explain the shot so now we are waiting another 2 weeks)


#3 Text Friday morning ~ Hey All,

A quick update. God, of course!, was again so kind, gracious and answered beyond our prayers. The decision didn’t really take any wisdom on my part (thanks, LORD). The RN from Hospice called me after seeing Jones and said that his having surgery would probably kill him within 3 days and to do nothing he probably has a week. We went from 3-6 months to about 7 days if that long. So we aren’t doing surgery. They are keeping him pain free for the most part. There have to turn him to clean him, which is the most painful for his leg and hip. 


I’m leaving shortly to spend the weekend with him. Mom was going with me but was tortured last night thinking of seeing her son in this condition. So she will be staying home. His oxygen is down to low 80’s and even 70’s at times. And he’s very confused but not combated, praise God!

Thanks for all the responses. I can feel the prayers and thank you for the grace of bulk e-mail as I can’t answer you all as I normally would. 


Love and God’s abundant love and mercy be with and upon you all!!


I think this will catch everyone up now, some of you are one a few lists so this will be a repeat... It's now 11:24pm Friday night. Jones actually looked pretty good when I saw him today. It is obvious that his hip and leg are broken in a few places and our of place as well. I think he knew it was me there with him today. Most of the swelling that was caused by the radiation and chemo has gone away since Monday even. His color is better, as he's on the max dosage of oxygen and still behind on the oxygen in his blood. I will be there in the morning to hear what the RN and CNA both have to say about him when they examine him. He is very weak.


Again, thank you for your continued prayer on his behalf!



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