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This is the final series of our 2020-2021 year-long focus on the Kingdom Gospel.  When we think of the Gospel we often narrow it’s impact to eternal life with Christ, and that is a very good thing.  But the Gospel message gives us so much more, much of which we seek in this world but do not find.  Over the next few weeks we will visit a few of the promises that come through the Gospel.

"The Gospel of Rest"
Pastor Andrew Garland | June 13, 2021
"The Gospel of Healing"
Pastor Andrew Garland | June 6, 2021
"The Gospel of Peace"
Pastor Andrew Garland | May 23, 2021
"The Gospel of Freedom"
Pastor Andrew Garland | May 16, 2021
"The Gospel of Resurrection"
Pastor Andrew Garland | May 2, 2021
"The Gospel of Forgiveness"
Pastor Josh Case | April 25, 2021
"The Gospel of Justice"
Pastor Andrew Garland | April 18, 2021
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