As we see the world changing and our grasp on Christian faith and values diminishing, we need now more than ever to hold on to Jesus.  Whether we're facing eminent war threats, terrorism, social hatred or even struggles within our own families--if we are to be victorious in Christ and hold our ground as Christians, we need to understand what it means to be Strong and Courageous and learn how to apply it to our daily lives.  This 7-week series will take us through several stories and illustration in the Bible of God commanding His people to be Strong and Courageous as they move in to new territory, rise to power and take over in leadership.  Be encouraged, watch this series and together we'll learn to be Strong and Courageous.

​Transitions: David to Solomon

Pastor Andrew Garland

September 17, 2017

​Transitions: Elijah to Elisha

Pastor Andrew Garland

September 24, 2017

​Transitions: Moses to Israel

Pastor Andrew Garland

October 1, 2017

​Joshua Part 1

Pastor Andrew Garland

October 8, 2017

​Joshua Part 2

Pastor Andrew Garland

October 15, 2017

​Joshua Part 3

Pastor Andrew Garland

October 22, 2017

​Joshua Part 4

Pastor Andrew Garland

October 29, 2017

​Joshua Part 5

Pastor Andrew Garland

November 5, 2017

​Joshua Part 6

Pastor Andrew Garland

November 12, 2017

​Joshua Part 7

Pastor Andrew Garland

November 19, 2017

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