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Every year we start with a focus on our stewardship. I know for some of you this means two Sundays to run and hide. Please don’t. This is not about guilt or dollar amounts. This is an opportunity to hear from our God who absolutely loves us and wants to bless us with all that is good. Our focus is on what will bless us and free us, not on what will obligate and frustrate us.


Our theme this year is Consider God’s Honor. We have faith in Christ for our salvation and we pray to Him when we are in trouble. But do we consider that He is God and deserving of all honor and praise? When we use our lives to honor what is less than God we live in frustration and disappointment. Let’s focus on the invitation to honor God with all we have and all we are, to be blessed by Him.

1.8.23 | Pastor Andrew Garland

1.15.23|Pastor Andrew Garland

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