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As we do every year, we will spend these first two Sundays of the new year focused on our heart for giving. Money, wealth, and material possession is the god of this age. When we learn to surrender this area of our life to God the impact grows to all areas of our lives. Jesus Christ is not just our Savior, He is our Lord, and He is good. Our stewardship focus this year is a call to respond to His Lordship by living obediently in how we give to the Lord. Do we ignore His Lordship, do we give minimally, joyfully, reluctantly, abundantly, sparingly, faithfully, arrogantly, humbly, fearfully, occasionally? How do we respond to the Lord of all creation who lavishes us with His grace and mercy? If He is Lord, how should we respond?

1.7.24 | Pastor Andrew Garland

1.14.24|Pastor Andrew Garland

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