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This is the second series within the theme of The Kingdom Gospel.  We have already touched on the fact that this Gospel did not originate with Christ’s appearance, but was part of God’s plan in ages past.  We are spending a few weeks seeing this Gospel as it is presented through the prophet Isaiah.  Our goal is to expand our view of who God is and the depth of His Gospel for all mankind.  I can’t wait to see you all at the park, it is going to be a glorious day!

Message 6 | Russ Duren | 11.22.20

Message 5 | Pastor Andrew Garland | 11.15.20

Message 4 | Pastor Andrew Garland | 11.08.20

Message 2 | Pastor Josh Case | 10.25.20

Message 3 | Pastor Andrew Garland | 11.01.20

Message 1 | Pastor Andrew Garland | 10.18.20

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