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KidsCrew Vacation Bible School

VBS 2014 If you have a child or children who would like to be an ISA Operative for THE ONE TRUE GOD, sign them up for

VBS INTERNATIONAL SPY ACADMEY at the SLC Head Quarters (AKA: ShoreLife Church) August 4th through the 8th.

Click on the link below to find out more information about the program and while you’re there,register your agents and

get’em ready for a week full of Reconnaissance Missions and Decoding Intel while learning about the ONE TRUE GOD!

It’s going to be great Mission!  REGISTER NOW!!


NEW SERIES Beginning April 27

Spring Series

Holiness-what does the word mean.  To some, it’s the thought or action of “doing good things”.  For others, it’s  striving to live a life above or outside the world and the moral decay that keeps our culture in a fog of sin.  Yet, as Christians, when we fail to strive or we simply do bad things, we suddenly feel as if all hope is gone.  ”Am I going to hell because I sinned again, Am I a good person in spite of my humanness.”  The Bible tells us to live holy lives, acceptable and pleasing to God.  Well, how does one do that?  What is the magic word or deed that one must say or do to be holy?  And if we’re living holy lives, how does that look to the cultures of today?  This series will dive deep into these questions and  help us understand God’s desire for holiness and how we can attain it practically.  Join us!

A Special Message from the Elder Board

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Kid’s Workshop

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Our Winter/Spring semester start Wednesday, January 15, 2014!

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